A "bespoke" suit is a work of art, wearing it is a privilege to be proud of

Manufactured entirely and exclusively in Italy

Filippo and Chiara will welcome you with discretion and caretransforming the purchase of a bespoke suit into a unique and precious moment, guiding you in all your choices while you sit comfortably in the plush armchairs, in a room solely dedicated to this istan.

This allows to our clients to live an experience which evokes a great Italian tradition, that of the Italian Tailor.  
You can choose from the most classic and modern models of Jacket, coat, pants and Shirt. Diving into 100's of fabrics, all produced from the finest Italian wool mills, allowing you to choose what best suits your taste. Inner Linings, Buttons, pockets, necks, Lapels and also the beautiful stitching which adorn every item can be tailored to your tastes.

We even offer home services to take measurements and delivery of your items.